Saturday, January 09, 2010


3D TV is coming and the World Cup 2010 is set to be the launch pad.

Sony is leading the charge and is betting its integrated entertainment business that you will buy a new TV set to watch your football heroes come to life. Afterall, 2006 was the catalyst for popular launches and takeup of a range of new TV technologies.

Sony and Panasonic are neck and neck in the technology and both companies supplied equipment for the amazing Avatar film.

Post the world cup conversions, the focus will switch to content. Sport is regarded as the killer app. The USA will have its niche games but football will be the staple diet. 3D will reinforce the co-development of content with games. It will enable fans to virtually climb into games.

Over time the 3D breakthrough may lead FIFA to consider rule changes to enhance viewer experiences. Certainly, games are going to get more real.

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