Saturday, January 30, 2010

This could be the last time, could be the last time, but I don't know...

Kind of a strange feeling. The Roar has dropped off the radar of the sports watching public in Brisbane. It isn't because of their position on the table. It is more the vibe. Or lack of it. It is very hard to image that there will be 10,000 there this afternoon. Probably more likely 5,000. The club has dropped from the coverage of a rugby league team, to a union team and now to a basketball team (of which there is none locally).

Still I'm hoping against hope that the team will put on a good performance. They have been written off by all the critics, all seem to expect a Sydney team - with everything to play for to win.

Still, if only for tonight I'd like to be optimistic. They would only need to finish the majority of their passes. And find something in front of goal.

What is truly amazing is the damage the club has done to its brand and reputation this season. It just shows that you build a reputation with time but destroy it quickly - pay in with cents and withdraw with dollars.

My feeling is that this will be the last chance to see play many of the players that have made up the club over the last few years. So why not... we could win.

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