Friday, January 01, 2010

You have to be joking - Moore talking to Gold Coast

Let's hope this story is unfounded. If it is true it would seem like the weirdest way in football history that a football team moved home grounds.

Actually I am laughing. It is funny. Moore moving to the Gold Coast - where he lives and there were rumours that he wanted to go to last year - would weaken the Gold Coast. Their defence is already far better than Brisbane's (embarrassingly so for containing a current Socceroo).


Ed Vegas said...

Would be a fun dressing room too withe Culina and Moore scowling at each other and Mirron the "Clown" - Craig Moore (2009)

john said...

Could be Ed
But Ross Aloisi said on Fox Sports 2 weeks ago that there was 'something else' in the Gold Coast v Roar match. Maybe it was this. Maybe the team found out at half time? Would explain a lot.