Friday, January 29, 2010

Gold Coast 1 v Melbourne 0: Thug park

Zenon Caravella scored a great goal to show his class.

The rest of the game was just thuggery.

FFA has sacrificed a Brisbane based team for the Gold Coast. And in doing so exchanged the regular 20,000 to 30,000 crowd of Queensland v Sydney for 7,000 + 3? tomorrow. FFA financed advertising for this game but not tomorrows. It is a sad state of affairs.

Steve Pantelidis can expect 4 weeks from the match review panel for his way way off the ball elbow to Robbie Kruse's head. And, if there is justice, Kevin Muscat will get the same for his attack on Jason Culina's head.

So why aren't these teams hammered and crippled and forced to get a new coach the way Brisbane was? Why shouldn't they have to let go their top 5 players to opposition teams?

Shane Smeltz is about on Muscat's level.


Anonymous said...

john, john, john ...

you haven`t spent enough time on forums. Gold Coast are a beautiful footballing side. Central Coast are the thugs.

Hopefully next season Brisbane management shoot themselves in the foot less.


john said...

Ahhhhh thanks Clayton

so did you see the game? Did you see game 1 of the season Brisbane v GC, both teams got 5 cards?

It is positive you think there will be a next year.

Anonymous said...

i can`t watch friday night games unfortunately.

the first bris vs gc? think i watched it.

i think that, unlike auckland, the ffa would continue the brisbane club while looking for a new owner / ownership group. the embarressment of losing a club in a capital city would make them look like basketball, which they don`t want. they could prove me wrong, but i think it is unlikely.