Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kuwait 2 v Socceroos 2

The first 4 minutes weren't what we we were expecting as we raced to a 2 goal lead. Great goals and team work. Defence let us down before half time.

Alex Brosque was nowhere in the squad. In the lead up it was Brosque, Brosque, Brosque - no need for him to worry about Sydney saying no to a Europe tour prep for World Cup.

Instead it was Euro as Pim could make it. With Ex Roar Dario and ex Newcastle Nicky Carrrrrle. Matt McKay at least made the bench.


Fred said...

Been a tortured campaign. 2 points from three games involving the A-Leaguers. Not confident once Cahill and all them hang up the boots. Where are the next generation?

john said...

Don't worry Fred they will be there.
The worry is the coach - doesn't Australia have anyone other than Graham 'I'm on the inside' Arnold?