Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brisbane 1 v Sydney 0: Dominant Roar smash weakened Sydney

Make no mistake Brisbane dominated this match.

Sydney put up a half baked performance dominated by basic errors by Brosque and Aloisi. The performance from Pieter Collen was sublime. Ham stood up and claims the keeper jersey for next year. Oar was brilliant as were Zullo and Devere. Henrique looks back to his rocketing best. Why wasn't his return promoted? Matt McKay as Captain was sublime.

Poor old Steve Corica. Time to retire. Should have gone to the Fury.

It is a shame that other teams are not judged by the standards that the Roar have been judged by this year.

Sydney can thank Clint Bolton and the ref that the scoreline was not embarrassing. 3 or 4 to Brisbane would have been fair from this game.

Brisbane outplayed Sydney. And Sydney relied heavily on the long ball to try and catch the Roar defence off guard. So much for fancy European coaches.

I read a report from Sportal - it was like the guy wasn't even watching the game. But for some very very suspect referring, Sydney would have ended the game with 9 men.

A keeper handling the ball outside the box is a straight red. So in the 30th minute it was amazing to watch the ref wave play on when the Roar caught Bolton outside his box and having to push the ball away. Later, Bolton's skills would keep his team in the game.

In the 2nd half the ref, Michael Hester, missed a clear hand ball penalty.

In the middle of the second half Hester forgave a thuggish Shannon Cole a very late professional foul on Michael Zullo.

Perhaps some decisions have been made about making Sydney look good this season and keep the best squad on the park for the finals. However, it left a bitter taste in Brisbane fans mouths to watch dodgy decision after decision. Ange was just about having a fit. FFA should consider investigating the refereeing of this match.

Meanwhile, Sydney fans were raided by the police several times and were chaperoned by ground security through the match.


Hamish said...

Good one! I am shocked. Have never been so certain The Roar would lose.

Love all the context too - Sydney the opposition, ref calls against us. A true glorious win against the odds.

This will make many disillusioned have another look.

john said...

Thanks Hamish
truely like the old days

Ed said...

Arh first game I have not been able to stream in ages was in Danang for the night no wifi in the hotel. Cant believe I missed it. Go Roars!

Must say the 442 two report also reckons sydney dominated - think there is some slack (or pro sydney?) reporting goes on with the a-league.

Thanks for the report, bring on the finals....??

john said...

Thanks Ed

Hassett in the SMH claimed that Zullo had kicked the ball that led to van Dijk scoring (it was Devere) see:

In my view some reporters read each others reviews and some may not even go to games (there is a guy who does match reports on 612 ABC radio that I suspect does this).

You just need to see the shot count to see who dominated the game.

Everyone, even Roar fans, expected Sydney to win.