Friday, January 02, 2009

Victory 2 v Roar 1

Melbourne were the better team on the night. However, it was perhaps the worst pitch this season. The ref said he was not happy to play the game. The game went ahead because both coaches said they would risk their players. Did they really have a choice? Probably not.

The poor pitch had a significant impact on the game.

The Roar dominated the first half. But conceded two goals in the middle of the second. In both it appeared that Craig Moore was out of position. Moore came back to score from a corner. However, I wonder if he picked up an injury, he didn't seem to be keeping up and seemed to hold his hamstring a few times.

The Roar looked slow on the right side against both Thompson and Hernandes. And Thompson could have scored 3 times in one-on-one's with the keeper. Mitch got one cracker on target in injury time, but had trouble controlling the ball in the box most of the time. Van Dijk missed two headers, set himself up with brilliant flicks for about 60% of the game but his last touch was disappointing. Tommy Oar came on late but only got the ball once or twice. Once Packer came off for Oar, Melbourne were using their speed against the Roar back 3. 

Too slow at the back Roar.

The Roar now have Adelaide mid week, then Central Coast. Hmmm the last 2 games at home could be to make a top 4 spot.

Looks like Adelaide and Melbourne are in. Central Coast also look too strong to miss out. Sydney will throw everything at all their games now otherwise Kosmina will be out of a job. And Wellington could upset things too.

Oh dear, this was a 10 beer game. And the Roar only had 9.

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Anonymous said...

hehe, i missed all the happy results with work and travel, and was able to watch this one.

melbourne looked good. hail the winners.