Saturday, January 03, 2009

Adelaide 2 v Sydney 0: Results based football

There crowd of 23,000, as a result of the move to the cricket ground, were not worried by the lack of excitement. A goal in each half was enough to send Adelaide to the top of the A-League for season 4. In the second half about 90% of the game was in Adelaide's half (and like the Roar last night) Sydney just made pass after pass for no result. Mark Bridge just looked so much stronger partnering Joel Griffiths last year - both teams have lost out in a demonstration of how a team makes an individual look like a star (the other example is John Aloisi who was injured for this match). What happened to that young striker Sydney used at the start of the season when they were winning games?

It probably means John Kosmina is coaching his last 3 top level games, at least for some time. Expect Sydney's new owners to bring in a European coach. Expect also almost a whole new team of players. From where it is unclear. In previous seasons players have been fighting to get the attention of the Sydney scouts. Now that is unlikely. And Gold Coast has its hand up as the new glamour club (although it will have to prove that pretty early). Anyway, it is already happening as players stick up their hands to leave. To North Queensland Fury, even to Adelaide.

Even next year it will be a big ask for Sydney to have a top side. Budget cuts in season two killed off their chance to become the club of choice of the A-League.

And Adelaide. They don't need players from other clubs. They can afford to have players of the quality of other teams regular players sitting on the bench or in the stands. Salley for instance. Or tonight's goal scorer and super sub, Alemeo. Adelaide's first of two mid-week clashes, v Melbourne, should show who is this year's favourite.

Sydney's defence didn't have to do much. What they did do was terrible. The Roar have only achieved 2 of 6 points from Sydney. Will the Roar crowd turn out to watch Sydney this year? 32,000 turned out twice last year.

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