Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adelaide 2 v Newcastle 0

Mostly it looked like Adelaide were laughing at Newcastle. Waiting for them to come forward, winning the ball then playing an ebb and flow game of possession. Going forward when there were opportunities and retreating when necessary.

Newcastle are in bad shape. Their team just doesn’t have either the experience or the skills to mix it seriously this season. Joel Griffiths was hacked out of this game in the first half by Mullens whose fouls where ignored by the ref. Newcastle were unlucky not to have a penalty or two early on. But after that, Adelaide used their experience from Asia to totally control the drum beat of the game.

From Adelaide’s viewpoint the perfect game to have as no 3 in a run of 4 games in two weeks.

Newcastle are sad to watch. This season Von Eggmont has been shown yelling at his players, I don’t believe this is his natural style. Now he is having to make do with raw youth and fringe players. Not what his competitors in Asia will be doing. I wonder what owner, Con Constantine’s plans are?

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Anonymous said...

the way they let talent leave at the end of last year was mind boggling.

ok, keeping all three of bridge, musialak and durante would have been difficult/impossible, but how did they lose all three? they should have been able to keep hold of two of these guys surely ...

one of the marks of a coach is how they handle pressure, and van egmond just hasn`t dealt with it. the trinidad episode, specifically calling out patafta and haskerlen (?) for not performing ... more of this next year and he`ll have official wanker status. just like kossie.