Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sydney 1 v Wellington 0

The players had given up on their Sydney FC long before the fans did. They stopped believing their own hype. Then the results soon followed. Bad luck with injuries has been the way for Sydney over the last 4 years. Key player Collosimo could be back (his first game of the season?) next week against the Roar.

Again the main sensations in this game, apart from Sydney at last finding a teenager who can run with the ball and score (Denning), were Ben Williams refering decisions. Firstly, McFlynn deliberately trys to fool the game by punching the ball over the Wellington keeper and in - only a yellow card when surely that is a red. Then Wellington danger-man Hearfield is sent off for an alleged head butt on Alex Brosque. Is this all Brosque can do dive about and claim fouls?

Wellington were unlucky. Sydney must hope that Central Coast don't get more than 2 points from its last games and that Wellington doesn't get 4, while it wins both its last two.

The Last games:
CCM v Melbourne, CCM v Adelaide
Sydney v Roar, Sydney v Newcastle
Wellington v Adelaide, Wellington v Melbourne


Bill said...

Traditionalists might hate it, but I think we need a 'video ref' who is able to communicate in real time with the ref on the pitch and assist with decisions. I really feel for referees, because they are expected to be everywhere and see everything, without the aid of TV angles and replays.

Hamish said...

Did you go watch the W-League semi-final at Ballymore yesterday?

john said...

Thanks Bill, yes it has always been my view that video is the way to go. What cheeses me off is that FIFA will not allow controversial replays at the ground. No one is clear what this means so lots of things don't get shown. Oh well, at least it treats us family folk like hooligans it FIFA's one-size-fits-all world.

Hi Hamish, no missed that one. I think the Roar misses a lot of cross promotional opportunities. They give the impression they don't know the women's side that well. This is shame they could really grow their support. Why not play the women's final as an opener to Roar v Sydney this weekend? Could attract 30-40,000.