Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adelaide 0 v Roar 0 - the headline 'Roar slavage a point' is rubbish

If the Roar had been playing like this at the start of the season they would have won the premiership.

Both teams shut each other down with class triangles and short passing game. Only right at the end did Adelaide resort to bombing the ball forward.

Highlights of note:

- a great save stopped Van Dijk taking the win with a great header
- a lack of a left foot let Mitch down as an open goal beckoned and he shuffled from left foot to right.
- Zullo missed a great set-up from Robbie Kruse (yes Robbie was back subbed in for an injured Minniecon, not at his best but some good moves)
- Adelaide fans - over 14,000 - chanted 4-4-2 as their loan strikers where starved of possession and Roar largely kept the ball up in the Adelaide half - 64% possession at half time
- Packer did Tiatto impersonations and tried to get himself sent off with a trip

Both teams seemed ok with a draw.


Ed said...

I'm thinking both managers were happy with nil all from the start

john said...

good to hear from you Ed

For the first 80 minutes I think Frank wanted to win and go to Asia.

Adelaide had always been fairly ruthless when it comes to winning titles and getting to Asia, and entertainment can be sacrificed for a late snag. That was Cristiano's job but even with all his energy and the heat, and the Roar's defence at 50% and 2 on yellow cards, he could do nothing.

Neil said...

thanks roar for giving us a slight chance of still winning the premiership plate. now all we need is melbourne to central coast and wellington to beat adelaide and the dream will live on.