Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adelaide disappoint with Hindmarsh

It is disappointing that Adelaide have chosen Hindmarsh (18,000 maximum seats) to take on Victory in the major semi. While all ticketing funds are used to finance football across Australia, Adelaide will also deny a seat - as it did for the ACL final series - for many of its fans. Meanwhile larger AFL stadiums/cricket may sit vacant. Perhaps FFA will be tempted to move the Final - if Adelaide make it - like they did for Central Coast last year.

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Bill said...

Hindmarsh is far and away the best ground for football in Adelaide. The view is excellent, the quality of the pitch is perfect, and when packed to the gills it looks great on TV. Adelaide Oval has twice the capacity but it's pretty awful viewing wise. I can see the FFA forcing Adelaide to play the Grand Final there, but any other match should be played at Hindmarsh. The AFC considered it suitable for the Champions League final, after all.