Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gold Coast update

Two rumours:

Adam Griffith is looking at a move from current club Newcastle to China.
Shane Smeltz is looking at a move from current club Wellington to Germany.

Maybe Clive's famed $200,000 underspend needs to be spent.

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Anonymous said...

so now GCU knows how NQ feels. they still have the biggest recruit the a-league has ever seen though, so i wouldn`t feel too sorry for them.

don`t think an extra $200k would keep these guys here.

"the talent drain" is gonna get a lot more press before the season is over methinks ...

i don`t think guys going to europe or asia is a particular problem. i think the quality of our development and scouting is a problem ... we need a bigger talent pool.

cos we aren`t gonna match korean salaries for a while, if ever, let alone chinese or japanese ones.