Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indonesia 0 v A-League Socceroos 0: back 4 with diamonds on the 'souls' of their shoes...

The A-League Socceroos were, to an extent, fall guys for their humidity shy European colleagues. Don't forget the embarrassment of their last Asia Cup (lack of) performance. In 100% humidity and temperature of over 30 degrees magnified by the packed and partisan stadium, the Indonesians mostly sat back in their own half and at the same time worked to deprive the Australians of space on the ball.

The formats of the teams were very similar, a back four with a diamond in front.

Simon came on the second half and tried to out muscle the defence, for little reward.

I hope the A-League guys get the Australian leg, on a quality pitch and in lower humidity we should get a better result.

Given that the conditions favoured Indonesia, and the expanse of their home crowd, I was surprised they did not attack more. Then again that may have exposed their weaknesses.

I was surprised just how physical the Indonesians were.

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