Saturday, January 17, 2009

Roar tonight.. and long standing rivalry

It could be Robbie Kruse's big chance to get back on track and win a contract for next year.

There has been a media blitz up here so it will be interesting to see how many turn out. 15,000 or 25,000, it is hard to guess.

If Miller is back the challenge will be where and how to play him. They have been playing so well without him, I wouldn't like to see them go back to the narrow, 'where is Charlie?' ways.

It is disappointing that so much of the football media is so focused on Sydney FC. Their problems over the last 3 years have stolen limelight that should go to well run clubs. Clearly the people of Sydney aren't that interested. I don't really understand why Denning is now the toast of the league. He has played a couple of games and scored one goal. So? A few articles have referred to Cole as a youth player, the guy is 24 years old. It just shows what Sydney's scouting has previously missed. And how players like Bridge and Brosque have miss-fired. It seems old that Brosque was one of the first re-signed for next year, surely he is part of the problem. Maybe he has taken a pay cut. Does current Victory defender Seb Ryall know what he is getting himself into?

The youth league table is interesting. Newcastle has relied on their youth to survive and yet their youth team is coming last. Sydney, the next most reliant on their youth, are way out in front.

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