Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paradise Club Moore: Socceroo squad

Football Australia kindly sent me the Socceroo squad before it was announced. Unfortunately, I didn't get to read it till I got home, after it was announced.

So I could see Moore was in. For a while I have thought that 'Moore for the Socceroos' was all about contract negotiation - which is currently under way for him. We also know, because he said so tonight, the Pim wants Moore in the squad and he 'will look at him'. Moore probably will play on 15 October, my guess.

From the Roar's perspective we have already had Frank Farina saying that Pim shouldn't select Moore for 15 October if he is going to sit him on the bench. I think the Roar want the publicity of Moore in the Socceroos. But they don't want to do without him.

I think it is interesting that Miron Bleiberg is mailing brochures to all A-League players and particularly the 95 off contract next year. I think Miron would have been interested in Moore but not as the marquee. Miron now knows that A-League teams are built from the back up but he also knows that very few kids nag their Dad to take them to see Moore. They nag their Dad to see Kruse, Zullo and Minniecon and these guys are way cheaper than Moore. Which is why it is interesting to hear Miron say that the Roar is paying some players more than they are worth. The Roar probably thinks they have to to stop them going to Gold Coast. But I do see his point and it makes sense in the light of all this press about Moore for the Socceroos.

It reminds me of a Robert Redford film The Candidate in which the Redford character stands for Congress to get publicity for his left wing views. He gets way more support than he expected and got elected. The film ends with Redford saying to the people who put him up to standing 'what do I do now' - and they just walk away.

Anyway, Moore, Tiatto and Miller are all mates and they live on the Gold Coast. Maybe they wouldn't mind a bit of competition for their services.

Anyway, anyway, Moore played the best I have ever seen him play against Melbourne. So whatever is going on, tonight I am happy. But he doesn't have to play for the Socceroos. I don't think they need him.

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