Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green (& Gold) Skies Over Brisbane

I was walking up Ann Street with colleague. I decided to turn down through Anzac Square. And I walked straight into that unmistakable beaming face. 'Hey Archie, Archie.' Hey how you going. The other Socceroos thought we knew each other. 'Hey Craig, you going on Friday?' 'Are you' he replied. 'Yes, I'll be there.' 'Yes I going' ... He said more to me but he was up a few steps and I was down a few. I then got carried away and started talking to 'Dwight' when it was Bruce Dijte. 'Hi Josh'. Others marched up the steps past me. I wrapped it up with handshakes with assistant coaches Baan and Ron Smith (formerly of Perth Glory - I made a point of reaching out to him as he has been around the Socceroo and youth Socceroos for years). Arnold was on his mobile and focused away from me.

This morning when this happened it was hot and humid. By the afternoon it was green skies. Plenty of gold moments there too. Seeing the Socceroos with no one else around - that's Brisbane and I forgot my camera. Go guys, go.

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