Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pim says A-League is better than English CC Championship for Socceroos

Pim's comments on Nicky Carle playing better in the A-League because he got better passing service are interesting in the context of players better off on the bench in Continental Europe than the A-League. Actually, I think he now likes the A-League better than he did. He has more faith in more players. he even wanted to pick our Luke DeVere (but he was unavailable on other duties).

The boys are in Brisbane. Lucas is telling fans not to think we are a shoe in. And he is right. I recon it is touch and go when we are playing countries like Qatar (moneybags), Bahrain and Japan. Four teams, two spots.

The Roar offered their fans free seats to see Roar players play the Socceroos in 3 times 30 minute sections (wanted to call it halves). But then pulled out with the injuries against Sydney. Not good PR with your fans, but it was at Gold Coast United's home ground. Perhaps Miron may have had another crack at Roar fans?

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