Sunday, October 26, 2008

CCM 1 V Jets 0, Victory 0 V Sydney 2

Matt Simon from CCM and Evan Berger from Victory are the stand outs for their teams. It is a credit to CCM and Victory that they have invested in these players without immediate payout to ultimately produce 2 new stars.

Simon was the difference against Newcastle this week, crossing the ball to set-up the goal. And while Berger was on the losing side, he was the best player on the park.


The Women's league kicked off this weekend. I wonder if there is a salary cap system in the W-League? FFA said this week that they don't see the league making money for a while. I watched a bit of on the ABC - Syd v Perth. 835 people watched Roar beat Adelaide 4-1. I suspect that the w-league will be more open and less defensive than the A-L. Also I expect that there will be a wide gap between the team skill sets.

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