Monday, October 20, 2008


An amazing weekend. Newcastle look top class again. Wellington hold off CCM. Perth time out Sydney. 3 of the bottom 4 beat 3 of the top 4.

Only the Roar miss out. The stress and fustration at Lang Park in Brisbane was palpable. While Roar fans are used to their team dominating and drawing or losing. This match was different. The Roar did not dominate, byenlarge their attacks were muted and almost all shots from far out and wide.

Specifically, Reinaldo had two opportunitiesto beat the keeper to the ball and certainly score. Both times he got there second. The second time he had a shorter distance to the ball. He looked hestitant and lacking confidence. Miller, who has been a revolation, was in obvious pain and after an initial burst played a muted role in the game. For too long the Roar looked a man short. Tiatto too was not effective in attack and tried to do too much himself, he was however solid in defence.

They have locked in their players to protect against raids from Gold Coast. Maybe by year end they will be looking for options. For this year, the guest player option needs to be looked at.

The Roar now play Wellington in Wellington. The underperforming Wellington has turned their home ground into fortress. The Roar must do the same. But they also now beat Wellington. They don't want to be facing their next home game (against Melbourne) in last place.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, tough times in roar land.

do you think charlie needs to sit, or should he try to play through the pain?

i saw something that mike zullo was going to sign on for 2 more years with the roar. good for us, but don`t know if it is in his best interests. he`d start for an expansion team, at the roar, he`ll probably get his 20 or 30 minutes a game.