Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roar injury list

It had started to look like Charlie Miller was the find of the A-League. He did look unfit and did look a question mark for the heat. But now it isn't clear just how much more will be seen of him. The Roar says he has a hernia and that he is a week-to-week proposition. Hmmm. He does try so hard, really he has looked like he has pushed his body beyond its capability. It really was too much Charlie Miller. Every one wanted to push to him, he wanted to give one more ounce. He was the last of the breed of Scottish greats with a real work ethic. Maybe he went too far. I wish him well.

Luke DeVere did his leg training for the U19s. The U19s won their tournament and it was CCM's 3rd keeper Andrew Redmayne that got them there with 3 penalty saves in a tropical storm. Bosnich's injury gave him a chance in the A-League, maybe that experience made the difference. A star is born?

Sergio Van Dijk has done his leg. I'd like to see Tajh M get a start.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about miller, but i was kinda expecting it. it would have been surprising if he got through a season of 90 min games injury free. i figure he is a 60 minute man - that is more than enough time to make his mark on a game.

thank god there is some good depth in the roar`s list though, cos we`ll need it.

kruse has injury trouble. moore and tiatto, gotta figure at least one injury break and one suspension for each of them. seo`s another vet.

its bad karma to be glad when someone is injured. so i will try not to be happy that van dyk is injured. his play has been improving and he has contributed to the team`s results. i think he has added more to our team than aloisi has added to his.

can mundy follow up his good debut? i hope so. i think having younger legs in that back line is important. moore is playing well, but he isn`t getting any younger.


john said...

Clayton san, Ray Gatt who has been considered Australia's best football journo, described van Dijk as 'brilliant' in his review of the first 7 games. This prompted specualtion that Ray not have seen all of all the games. Even Fox commentators modified their view to improving.