Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roar see opportunity in Adelaide pain

The Roar's next home game is 17 Oct against Adelaide. This is 2 days after the Socceroos play Qatar at Lang Park (if that game goes ahead - International court decision due just before it). A day or two later Adelaide have to go to Uzbekistan for the Asian Champions semi.

Adelaide want the date changed. This would be a bad thing for the Roar as the weekend before is the international break, so they would miss 2 weeks in a row - then have to play 2 matches in a week. In any case, Sydney got an easy win from Adelaide in their previous lead-up match.

So, the Roar crowds have been down (as the Broncos have been directly completing for stadium time) and the Roar have been having trouble winning at home. It is particularly hard when a 50,000 seat stadium has only 12,000 in it - empty vessel. The Socceroo game will hit this number lower as the same fans won't want to back up from Wednesday to Friday.

So, here is the deal. Roar goes to Adelaide on 17 October. They play better away anyway. And Adelaide give up their home game against the Roar on 20 December. This is one of the best match dates of the year. If the Roar are in the top 4 by then, I would expect a crowd of 30,000 full of holiday makers. Win win.

Now will Adelaide buy it?

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