Friday, October 03, 2008

The arc of a Super Diver: Adelaide 3 v CCM 3

This game left Cristiano and Matt Simon both at the top of the A-League goal count on 5. But it is Simon who is the real find and should be in the Socceroos. Every time he gets the ball he looks like he can create opportunities for his team. As stated before, his physique hints at what may be possible for football in Australia if more young people with an AFL body-type could be tempted into the sport. Simon got in behind the Adelaide defence to win a penalty on the right. Then ran the ball from the middle of the half circle outside the penalty area to the left - drawing the A-League's best goalkeeper and scoring from an acute angle. Almost a mirror of his effort against the Roar in earlier rounds. Quality.

For me, Cristiano is at the other end of the spectrum. He is quite prepared to fling himself into the air to win a penalty or free kick. With the same haircut and whistle from the Melbourne v Roar game last week, the ref was fooled by Cristiano's dive on 5 minutes, clearly the ball had been kicked and Cristiano through himself into the air. I think when the ref reviews this match he will be given a few different view for the next time Cristiano faces him. Short sighted.

Frank Farina said in the Courier Mail today:

'Big Sash was one of our better players last season and seems to be doing an admirable job for Adelaide.' page 119

Well he doesn't play for the Roar anymore. Probably because he was down the bottom end of the pay and picked fights with his team mates. But Adelaide are paying in that he is suspended for their first ACL semi.

Adelaide were up 2-0 at half time and Cristiano made it 3-0 on 50 minutes with a poachers goal. Then a few substitutions and some mistakes from Eugene Galekovic and it was 3-3. Adelaide just ran out of petrol. Teams that haven't played them in this condition will think themselves unlucky.


Anonymous said...

hey nik rukyavitska, can you hear that noise?

its the sound of matt simon rushing past you on the depth charts.

whilst they are different types of striker, and nik plays for the perth purgatory, looks like matt simon has nabbed the title of "brightest young a-league striker". i think rukyavitska would have thought it was his at the start of the season. but not now.

cristiano will get his karma. the refs watch tape. they know when they get suckered. i don`t think they like it. eventually they`ll stop giving him the benefit of the doubt in 50/50 decisions. he may even get carded for simulation when he actually gets kicked some day. boy that cried wolf and all that.

hopefully kruse can take this time to get his body right and maybe contribute in the second half of the year. the sports world is pretty harsh, and people break down. our sports medicine is on par with the world`s best, so here`s hoping he can get back on track.


john said...

yep Clayton san

poor old nik, poor old perth. FFA new their owners weren't rich enough. where are all those mining $, going into union and AFL.