Monday, October 06, 2008

A week in football - 'from an ocean to a single wave'

The International Court for Arbitration in Sport, according to the Courier Mail (1/10/8 page 94), has ruled that the Iraqi Football Association 'was one day late paying an appeal fee to football's governing body FIFA... It banned Emerson' (who he played for Brazil's u20s before playing for Qatar), 'but cleared Qatar of any wrongdoing.' Now you can see what you pay good money for lawyers for. The world's major institutions, including FIFA, need to be careful about the message they want to send to the people of Iraq about the benefits of participating in civil society. We don't want them thinking that it could be rigged against them. Further, I believe that Qatar is a much bigger threat than Iraq to Australia making the 2010 World Cup. Qatar is prepared to do anything to get there. The Uruguayan coach got sick and left so the bought the French guy who was coaching United Arab Emirates.

Sydney 1 v Roar 1

First up, it was a funny thing to see Sydney celebrating their kick minute goal. They were playing for equal first, their attack-attack-attack hadn't worked...

Shannon Cole is both a star and a thug. But picking on Charlie Miller, gotta hand it to him for guts. However, I think he rode his innocence a too much.

Matt Mundy. Anymore stars you're keeping for a rainy day Frank?

Oh and Robbie Kruse played - Cole fouled him every time he got the ball.

Melbourne 4 v Perth 0

It is one thing for a coach to go public with a rave on poor team performance. It is another for the owner to do it. Guys, a tip, it makes things worse. Who signed off on the budget and the player acquisition strategy?

Newcastle 2 v Wellington 2

Hey guys it isn't a holiday up here. Two penalties to Wellington saved them. When you think of the pens that the Roar haven't been given...


Anonymous said...

i think cole is trying to be a thug to hide the fact that he is pretty clueless with the whole defending thing. if he can learn how to defend, he may turn it down later. or maybe he is just a scary little man who sees the red mist quickly ...

what did you think about the last 15 minutes or so? i thought the roar was out on its feet. i hate to do it, but i am gonna use the n word. negative. belting the ball long to noone and waiting around their penalty box for another sydney attack. bit hard to judge kruse`s performance when the team was playing negatively.

dunno if it was frank`s instruction, or just his inclination, but sometimes there was a huge space between the roar`s two strikers, van dyk far left, reinaldo sometimes right, sometimes down the middle. i was pleased with some of reinaldo`s hold up work this week.

murdocca is looking good too.

gotta say, i enjoyed this roar / sfc game. much more than previous ones.


john said...

You are right on the last 15 Clayton san I didn't enjoy seeing that.

Cole is about 24 so he isn't a youngster. Can/will he change?

My favourate R v S was the 2-0 up here. Still smile at the Reinaldo goal. Why can't he run at them like that every week? Tahj say Frank told him too and he scored.