Friday, October 31, 2008

Let justice be done or the heavens fall: Adelaide 2 v Melbourne 3

Cristiano needs to leave the A-League. He is bringing the game into disrepute.

It is one thing for bloggers to point out that when Cristiano is in play he is looking to win a foul, dive or do thuggery on his opponents. But he has now been found out for all to see on worldwide TV footage.

In each game this year there has been suspicions and accusations. It was Cristiano that used an offside position to assist the goal against the Roar and won Frank Farina a fine for pointing it out.

He can play. And has scored 5 goals. But he seems to prefer to cheat. In this game he targeted Vargas, diving in front of him to win the penalty, ramming his elbow into Vargas's chest to win high balls, and getting caught shoulder checking Vargas inside the Adelaide penalty area (this one looked like straight thuggery as Vargas was well away from play and the ball wasn't going in the goal).

It is time to do something about Cristiano. At least tonight justice was done.


Anonymous said...

D’Appuzo was given a post match red card, and one week ban, from the video review panel for handballing in the penalty area and denying Melbourne Victory a goal scoring opportunity that was missed by the referee. Christiano dives in the penalty area delivering an actual goal for his side. Both handball and diving are yellow card offences. Christiano’s foul was significantly worse that D’Appuzo’s. First it resulted in a goal and not just an ‘opportunity’. Secondly, diving is a blight on the game which the FFA and FIFA have indicated they want to stamp out. Christiano should get 2 weeks minimum and if Fabiano and Djubic get 6 and 5 weeks respectively for simply spiting than Christiano should get more for his disgusting performance.

john said...

Thanks for your comment.

My concern is that Cristiano is a repaet offender. This is how he plays. Adelaide scored against the Roar in their 1st match-up because of a pen he won from Josh Mac (1-1), and because he beat an offside in their second (0-1), has he has won a number of other penalties. Vidmar must know this. Vidmar keeps saying 'the monitor isn't working'.. or 'I didn't see that'. Does Vidmar think this results based football - which is killing crowds - is OK as long as Adelaide win the league?

Cristiano needs to go. Adelaide need to dump him. They did this to Qu after he head-butted Chad Gibson is season 2 then blamed a racist remark.

Anonymous said...

after reading tim vickery`s writing (BBC website and SBS) i am wondering if cristiano is just your typical brazillian domestic league level player. lots of argy bargy and falling over.

the thing is its endemic. its everywhere. i was just reading on the guardian site about franck ribery putting on a show ... after the slightest of touches, he went down. oscar worthy apparently. and nothing will happen.

just like nothing happened when rivaldo pretended the ball was kicked into his face when it was kicked at his legs, and he got an opponent sent off.

i am starting to think that not only is world soccer / fifa soft on diving, it is also accepting of it ... soccer`s dirty little secret. of course it is tut tutted, but nothing is done ...

who are the worst aussie divers in your opinion?


john said...

Clayton san

Sasha Petrovski was yellow carded in Syd v CCM on the weekend for diving. So something can be done.

Marchino - from last season's Roar dived in his first game, but I think he got told off by Frank and didn't do it again. That is why I hold Vidmar accountable particularly as FFA has made CCM and Roar's season harder to accommodate Adelaide. Vidmar needs to drop Cristiano. I think one of your earlier comments may be right and next time the ref is going to get his revenge.

Other divers- Bruce Djite did last year in the key match against the Roar for Tiatto's first yellow card. Again I suspect Vidmar is in on this for Adelaide.

Aramal and Trinidad for Perth (to little avail).

But the worst (after Cristiano) is Alex Brosque for Sydney. But the refs think he is a joke and wave playon just about everytime.