Friday, August 22, 2008

Where's Robbie?

We spotted him in Wellington is a huge coat - weighting on the bench. Hope he gets a go Sunday - I'd like to see him feeding and feeding off Charlie... Running at Sasa... Scoring goals... 4 would do. And Reinaldo - same number...


Anonymous said...

if he doesn`t play sunday, is that a sign that he is in the doghouse?


TSP said...

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Anonymous said...

I recon Robbie is probaley at behind VD, Reinaldo and Smitts to start as a striker in the current formation - we may only see him if the formation changes to fit him in on the wing - most likely when we are chasing games.

I hope he gets plenty of game time, would hate to see him leave. But it will be hard this season for Taj,Robbie and Nichols.

Ed said...

woops- did not mean to be anonymous above.

Anonymous said...

interesting dilemma

point of view 1 - young talent should be promoted and given as much time on the pitch as they can take. kinda like nurturing flowers. the club can do some great pr bringing young players through the ranks, and can also do some good business selling them. potential potential potential.

point of view 2 - its a cold cold world, and if you aren`t good enough to earn a starting spot, then you deserve to be on the bench. improve, and take that starting spot off that journeyman who is currently in front of you. the club isn`t here to promote australian soccer, the club is here to win games, and be the best club it can be. merit merit merit.

which viewpoint do i support? not too sure to be honest ... sorry, shouldn`t sit on fences. bad form. i thought last year they showed they were good enough to play. and play a lot. but i can understand someone supporting viewpoint 2.

could this be a disillusioning year for some of the roar`s young guns? i think so. i don`t think they were dreaming about 20 minutes a game after last year`s heroics.

looking forward to sunday`s game. i have now signed up for the afc`s outside australia web streaming.


john said...

Clayton - I'm with point of view 1.

TSP - Eh?

Ed - I hope not.