Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wellington 1 v Roar 1: cold wet and full on

Kwasnik hit the bar in the first half, but it was the Roar that made the most chances across the game. Particularly, Reinaldo (on for Smeltz) - hasn't lost his touch after sitting waiting for a game that wasn't coming in Korea - ran into the box from the right, up to the six yard box and across but the Wellington defence were able to scramble away for the two Roar players waiting, and Zullo (on for Miller) who used his speed to run right to left in front of the keeper only to shoot into Moss's legs. While the shot count was even in the first half, in the second, apart from the Daniel to Smeltz goal, it was mainly the Roar.

Also apart from the Smeltz goal, the Roar defence Seo, McCloughan, DeVere and Tiatto held. Dodd looked OK, his kicking style is eerily similar to his brother who was playing for the other team. And he worked hard all game. As did Murdocca who continues a more attacking role.

Miller (played the whole pitch all game) and van Dijk were the stars. In fact it was a bit like total football where players drop into roles as others move forward or backward.

Smits has more work to do to get onto back heels and flicks from Miller and van Dijk. McKay also had a hard working game and was very visible.

The new boys in defence were the stars for Wellington. Without them .... Writing this I don't see any need for me to be even but listening to the local commentators is always a bit of a laugh. Like 'Daniel is the most fouled player in the A-League. Yeah they aren't missing him.. oh Daniel gets a yellow card for diving... ' and 'The crowd are getting stuck into Seo. It harks back to last year when he milked a foul and got a Wellington player sent off... '


Hamish said...

Thanks for the wrap John. Was the first I'd missed for two years, and looking at my schedule I'll be missing a few unfortunately. Will be keeping my eye here and elsewhere for news and views.

Ed Vegas said...

Good to hear from you Hamish, hope to see some posts on Football Down Under again this season.

John,Nice wrap, reckon we were a mess at times, after they scored we struggled to get on the ball and they controlled it until we regained composure. Impressed with Reinaldo and Miller. I reckon you are too polite re dodd - he is donkey, the sooner Packer is back and danny can take up that defensive shield role the better. That will bring a lot more cohesion to the game as dodd does not seem to be able to distribute just hack and accidently be in the way.

Still, take a point away! :)