Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Robbie Kruse

The Courier Mail pointed to talks between Frank Farina and Robbie today. Robbie is a great player with massive potential. I hope we see a lot of him, Tahj, Mitch, Zullo, Charlie brown, Isaka, Mass, Van Dijk and Reinaldo (this list could go on and on and I probably will) running rings around the opposition.

Maybe that is the issue... game time for stars?

Get well soon Robbie!

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Ed said...

I hope Kruse, Zullo and Taj all get plenty of game time this season. Some fans dont seem to rate Robbie K, I cant understand why? He may get a bit tiered sometimes and could be stronger on the ball but he is still a kid. He seems to have good vision and an eye for goal, I like him.