Sunday, August 10, 2008

I can see the funny side: When are Olyroos playing Argentina

At this, largely under 23, level Argentina are probably the world's best. So the Olyroos v Argentina would attract capacity crowds at a ground in Australia.

But on Channel 7 they won't tell when their delayed telecast starts. So there will be no pub loads of fans watching that then. And all the kids whose parents can't afford Foxtel don't even get fair warning and promotion on the free stuff.

By the way the actual kickoff is now 5pm China or 7pm Brisbane. And it could be shown on channel 7 or SBS.


Neil said...

Credit to Channel 7 for actually putting the game on live and not delayed as previously advertised.
But that's where the credit should end - the ad breaks during the first half were atrocious along with the commentators pronunciation - FFS its RiqulME not RiquelMI

Neil said...

That should be RiquelME. My bad.