Saturday, August 23, 2008

Perth Robbed: Glory 3 v Jets 3

You wanted goals in the A-League. Here they are. Here's how they happen.

Make no mistake Glory were duped, dudded. After fighting back and scoring some great goals, they were beaten by poor ref / linesmen decisions and communication, and their defence.

Ref Zetter did not have his best game. The assistant (running on Newcastle's right in the first half) had a worse game. The Glory defence and the Newcastle defence were both poor.

First up Joel Griffiths was brought down outside the penalty area on the left - decision = penalty 0-1 Newcastle (yellow card given). Then Adam Griffiths cuts down Amaral from a corner. Penalty Glory 1-1 (no yellow). Then in the second half Adam Griffiths drags down a Glory attacker in a cynical foul. Only a yellow but Griffiths could have been on his way.

Then with 3 minutes of 4 minutes of extra time gone - Amaral takes on two Jets defenders deep into Jets territory, Amaral goes down and keeps the ball between his legs. Presumably the whistle blows as the right assistant enters the pitch and drags Thompson, who is kneeing Amaral in the body and head (nowhere near the ball) off. Mellay. A jets player drags the ball from Amaral - still on the ground - takes a free kick and Jets get up the other end and score 3-3. The Jets had been working on Amaral for a while - his right eye seemed to be closed from half way through the second half.

The home crowd couldn't believe it - neither could I. Surely Amaral had been fouled. Surely with the Assistant on the field drapping a player off another cards must be shown - probably red for Thompson and two weeks on the sideline?

This took the gloss off Dada's headed goal from Amaral's cross brilliant goal.

By the way, Zora for Jets is fast. he gets behind defences on the right but his finishing is very poor. He was even running into the bos doing step overs.

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