Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes

Mark Bosnich is over-weight and finds it difficult to more around the field. Fortunately for Central Coast he was only provided two tests tonight. One a Charlie Miller free kick for which he did not move. The second a professional foul in which he dragged down a Roar striker. Bizarrely, the ref gave the penalty but no card. Frank Farina appeared to query the match referee on that one.

Bosnich is taking the spot of some promising young keepers. Further, he didn't add a person to the game crowd. In my view, he is very unlikely to win any sought of keeping contract in Europe. It seems like we have been sold hype and wind. Through the game he seems hyperactive, constantly leaving his penalty area. Towards the end of the game Bosnich appeared punch drunk and staggered around his box.

He opened up well acting like the star, even changing the match ball for an apparently better one.

What a waste.

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Dr Zen said...

He has always been hyperactive like that. He was probably high.

I don't think he's a great signing but he'll probably do a decent enough job. No one is going to go to a game to watch him; you're absolutely right about that.