Saturday, August 23, 2008

Central Coast 2 v Sydney 3: Ref stars

FFA have invested heavily in a referee improvement program this year. And so far it is likely that they will be disappointed. In this game 10 cards were handed out, including 2 yellow and a red for one incident. 3 yellows for CCM for 23 fouls and 6 yellows for Sydney for 14 fouls - not much between those that got cards and those that didn't.

FFA's ref investigation uncovered what we all knew, that suspensions mean fans miss out on seeing their favourite players. So they added a yellow to the mandatory suspension haul (up to 5 from 4). Still, will 10 going in a game that won't make much difference. It is particularly bad when juxtaposed with last night's game where most got away with their fouls. At least consistency please!

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