Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sydney 2 v Wellington 3: Sydney's limited player roster backfires (again)

This match sounds like it just about turned into a fight. With Mitchell Prentice earning a straight red (Wellington Captain Andrew Durante go his 2nd yellow in this incident), and Alex Brosque and Dez Giraldi earning suspension causing yellows. With Sydney now out of the pre-season cup, and only 19 signings and Giraldi as cover for injured Aloisi, born again Melbourne Victory have been prized an easy round one for the start of the A-League season.

Meanwhile, both Wellington and Melbourne get their first pre-season cup final experience on Wednesday night. Could New Zealander's get their first silverware?

Sydney FC's game report is here. Up 2-0 at half time the second half was a disaster. Giraldi is trying to save his career and it sounds like he was leading the Sydney charge.

The Roar play Wellington in two weeks in NZ for their season opener. It will be a test of just how far both teams have come.

Newcastle Jets have signed 24 year old Ecuadorian Edmundo Zura as their marque. 23 goals in 53 games sounds impressive as does a loan to Barcelona. Zura has also scored a full cap goal for his country. However, his loan was to Barcelona Ecuador not Spain. So far he is one of the many who looked fantastic for their country at 18 but haven't got there yet. On close inspection of his scoring record most of it is in the Ecuador 2nd division in 2006 (18 goals in 32 games). On promotion to the first division in 2007 he managed 5 goals in 20 games. In 2008 he hasn't scored in 7 games. So he is seeking fame and fortune in the Australian A-League. And he puts on a spiderman mask, in memory of a friend who died in a car crash, when he scores. I sourced this information from Wiki. OK could be interesting.

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