Friday, August 29, 2008

Victory 5 v Jets 0

Bremner makes it 5 with his first touch. A drilled muligruber from outside the box. Huge amounts of space allow Melbourne to deploy 4 strikers.

Jets in disarray.


Anonymous said...

What about the crowd of 22,589? On first look, seems a healthy number. But in Melbourne (home of the big sporting crowd) on a night where there was no AFL in town, I'd see it as just a tad disappointing. 25K+ I'm guessing is what the A-League might have been expecting.
Maybe just a sign that the A-League doesn't get much traction in the public's imagination until the domestic codes are finished?

john said...

There is a dispute between the fans and the Club and the FFA over the use of the behind the goal area as a general admission area (ie no allocated seating - the Roar have just gone the other way).

Apparently it was recommended by a security firm - the fan got the message 'you don't trust us'.