Monday, August 04, 2008

Roar can afford a brave face: Roar 1 v CCM 2

It was a funny comment attributed to Frank Farina in the Courier Mail today. It was suggested that the pre-season cup should be scrapped because it exposed players to suspensions for the real A-League season. Craig Moore's send off yesterday was the case in point. However, John Kosmina could be running this argument with 3 off on suspension (1 red and two - two yellows for the pre-season cup). But the Craig Moore argument is obviously flawed. If it were not for the pre-season cup Moore would not be playing until round 3. The Cup gave him the opportunity to serve 2 weeks on the sideline for official games for a ban from last year's finals. As it is, his sending off yesterday will mean he will be back for game 2. So which would you prefer Frank? Maybe either better refs or better tackling.

My trip to the game didn't happen yesterday. But by all accounts the Roar dominated, a cameo by Bosnich saved CCM at least twice with super human saves - will CCM be sorry to have to see him go? and the Roar let in two very quick goals to defensive mistakes. DeVere was not on the field at the time, Ben Griffin and Craig Moore were. Unfortunately, Moore was red carded after half time for a two footed tackled. Good decision? It would be very interesting to see a TV replay. The Roar mixed it well with Sydney, Wellington (draw) and CCM - just didn't get the results.

John Kosmina seems to be on the same track as me about Alex Brosque if reports in the Australian are correct (and Ray Gatt is one of the best). I think he dives, John thinks he argues with the ref too much. Kosmina also thinks Des Giraldi has done his go at an A-League return by picking up another yellow card - he didn't mind him giving away a penalty, causing Sydney to have no strikers for their first game was unforgivable. You need to go find some of the great teenagers playing around Sydney and fill your squad John.


Ed Vegas said...

Hey John, I caught the second half, thought Luke D looked good, thought Dodd looked like a giraffe with his feet tied together.

Zullo was awsome and Charlie showed a good work ethic and loads of skill.

Still letting in those goals and not finnishing our chances...

Ed said...

Oh and re the cards - you recon Moore's disciplinary reccord is becomming a bit of an issue??

Eric said...

Yeah, I don't think Farina has much cause to complain. How many red cards has Moore picked up now? Surely Farina should be focusing his attention on getting Moore to improve his discipline, rather than lambasting the FFA for organising the pre-season cup!

john said...

Thanks for your comments. Re Moore it is hard to say. I would to see a replay.

I understand that Foxtel are going to show the Cup Final Live!!! Next year it could be an all comers FA style event anyway.

Eric, my guess is that Frank and Craig share a lot of respect for each other.