Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Right as Rain

Brisbane Roar are on track for a full squad v Melbourne Victory next Saturday 6pm. The international has helped a lot. And Ange is putting the time to good use - slowing down the tempo to improve the defence and accuracy of crosses into the box.

Perhaps we could see Henrique, Reinaldo, Van Dijk, Mitch and Tommy on the park together? The best attacking half in the league! Reinaldo and Serigoal clobbering the centre backs and Tommy drawing foul play from the halves. All giving space for Mitch to get back to his goal poaching best. Also giving Matt McKay an opportunity with pressure off to run the park. Reinaldo was at his best 2 seasons ago when he was running end-to-end before the Korean training machinery broke him.

And Zullo could be on his way back too? Then there is Reddy v McMaster (which way will his combination of mistakes and great saves go?).

Oh and with FFA give Roar the go-ahead to sign-on Franjic for $20,000 as reported in the Courier Mail today - He is already on-board for next season. Great move. Let's ditch Malcolm.

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