Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gold Coast 1 v Sydney 0

Hmmm. At the start of the season this was supposed to be the blockbuster that Gold Coast would steal from the Roar. But with only 5,400 watching and quite a few of those in Sydney colours you would have to say Gold Coast have a long, long way to go build a fan base.

Shame really as this game was won by Jason Culina who was at his best.

Also a shame as there was hope that the FFA really did know how to build a crowd. I am a bit sceptical.


orangecrush said...

GC could equally well say that Roar only had about 8000 to the last Sydney game and they've had 5 years to build crowds!!


Hamish said...

Yep. With respect I honestly don't think you can blame the GC for the Roar's crowd problems John. One thing all the argument about 'the crowd problem' seems to too-often miss is that the crowds have been slowly dropping off for two years.

And the response? Put the prices up to balance the books! Face it. The Roar board are utterly incompetent. It is my love for the team and the idea of a professional Brisbane soccer team that drives my utter contempt and hatred of the Roar Board. The sooner they all die in a car crash or something the better.

Hamish said...

I'll just add that when incompetence follows incomptence and is then followed by a blatant scapegoating, I smell corruption.

I don't care what players they get. I don't care what coach they have. I will support the Brisbane Roar again when the Board is replaced.

I notice Frank Farina didn't have his contract with the Courier Mail cancelled. Have any board members ever been done for DD? Would it even make the news? There are politicians, journalists, lawyers, engineers and even doctors who have been done for drink driving who still have their jobs. DD is wrong, which is why the law is there, and why Frank was punished under the law. If everyone who came to work a bit over after a big night was sacked, the Australian economy would collapse. I have three staff myself who I have no doubt occasionally turn up 'under the weather' (fortunately by public transport). I have to judge whether they are the best for the job, and in my case I feel very lucky that they're excellent.

Frank was an excellent coach. He did wrong, but the Board get away with being blatantly and serially incompetent. Is it just me who sees the problem here?

Blaming the Gold Coast, notwithstanding their own shenanegans, is disingenious in my opinion.

Hamish said...

Sorry for going on here John, but one more thing. The Roar quite clearly owe Frank $300,000. I can't see any way out of it. Pretty expensive scapegoating? If it bankrupts them, sucks. Just more incompetence.

john said...

Thanks for your views

Perhaps one problem is that even Fox Sports FC spend no time on Roar matches - even when they play well and win.

Fred said...

There has been so much drama with the Gold Coast already and it's only November!

orangecrush said...

John, yes it is quite strange that teh commentators have rarely a good word to say about the Roar. e.g. when the Roar lost 3-0 to CCM (despite dominating possession by about 62-38%) they were absolutely caned by all commentators .... yet MV get thrashed 4-0 and it's all "well MV had a bit of an off night (just like the one against Sydney and CCM in Round 1) but everyone played pretty well and Archie should be in the National Team (even tho he' shardly scored a goal) it was just CCM were great ... blah blah blah