Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brisbane 0 v Melbourne 1 - faulty product

This game was a nasty short right to the left midriff.

The Brisbane Club had worked hard to get its once healthy crowd back to a meaningful game. Things happen in the Brisbane v Melbourne games. From the brilliant 3-3 in game 2 to the mean 'Kruse' game.

But this was a serious non-event for most of the audience.

From the soft goal against the run of play, to Brisbane's inability to put any real pressure into the final third, to constant conversation between the 'protected' Muscat and the ref Ben Williams, the constant warnings but no action on Melbourne's time wasting, the disallowed goal (did the keeper dive?), to the Henrique handball brain snap.

It was a very subdued crowd going home. The only real topic was why David Dodd got match of the match. My explanation was that no one else did anything. Well maybe Griffin MacMaster (just as well as there are rumours that Reddy has had enough - declaring himself unfit).

I think this game was a body blow to a club desperate to find a way to attract fans and money to continue.

The laughing, joking, all smiling performance from the ref was not appreciated by the crowd. And letting Muscat use all his transparent tricks to waste time was a stab in the eye to people who had paid to see their team play.

Lastly, I am not seeing the value added that Ange promised. Clearly Henrique was not up to a full half game, nor Miller (although he's lost 10 kilos) a full 90. Brisbane still have a card problem and instead of being top 4 they are now bottom 2. Can we have Frank back please.

And next week there will be no Henrique.


Ed said...

Thanks john, only caught highlights, my web stream from HCMC kept cutting out. Cut in just in time to see the disallowed goal - what bollocks. What was the crowd figure?

john said...

Hi Ed

The Crowd was 9,900. The highest for all A-League matches this week.

Ed said...

Not bad given whats been going on. Hope they dont get put off - from the highlights looked like we should have had at least a draw.