Monday, November 16, 2009

New Zealand big winner from FFA A-League investment

New Zealand's qualification for the 2010 World Cup is the direct result of 2 actions by the FFA.

1. The move of the Socceroos from Oceania to Asia, thereby giving New Zealand its 5th spot. Also the '5th spot' moving from South America to Asia.

2. The A-League lifting the performance of players who otherwise would only have achieved local experience on the small NZ scene.

The question is does this make up for the underarm incident?


Hamish said...

Wasn't the underarm thing against England? I could be wrong.

But good I reckon. You can't expect Australians to abandon their cultural cousins, who we've fought alongside etc, just because of the institutional arrangement of football confederations.

The most attractive option I've heard is absorbing Oceania into East Asia and having a seperate West Asian Confederation. It would be a more culturally coherent arrangement all round.

Cheers John.

john said...

Come on Uncle Hamish

Greg Chappell got his brother Trevor to bowl under arm on the last ball of a one dayer v NZ. NZ haven't forgotten.

Hamish said...

Stand corrected John. :)

My utter ignorance about cricket has been irretrievably exposed.