Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brisbane 4 v Wellington 1

Roar answer the call.

Brisbane scored first and began to dominate (Oar cross, a few heads and Reinaldo headed it in). Wellington had very little. The a corner and a very soft - unmarked free header on our defences left (again). 1-1 at half time. And up to that point Brisbane had had the running but lacked something up front. Miller in particular looked like he was trying way too hard. You could see what they were trying to do, but it was way too clever.

Reinaldo made the bet of space on the right and made it 2-1. Two minutes later and Manny Muscat was out run by Tommy Oar and seemed to administer an elbow to the head as he went past - well after the ball had gone. Great to have a new pair refereeing eyes as Alan Milliner went straight for the red.

What happened next, if the FFA match panel is consistent, should lead to several matches for Muscat - for refusing to leave the field, 2 weeks in the stands for Coach Herbert for walking 20 metres out of his zone and into an argument with the ref (did he enter the field of play?). A couple of times it appeared Wellington players handled the ref.

From then on Wellington tried to push forward and Brisbane hit hard on the counter. Tommy Oar held back and either switched play or fed Reinaldo. Brisbane looked stronger as McKay was swapped for Tiatto and then Miller for Mitch.

After Sergio's (Serigoals) brilliant free kick goal - there is one for the home fans - Mitch finished off the game by putting - who? David Dodd through for 4-1.


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