Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oman 1 v Socceroos 2 - luck

Well Mark Schwarzer made our luck, even saving the 14th minute penalty to be beaten on the rebound. Bad luck to Rhys Williams being forced into a foul to give the penalty. But otherwise Oman botched 4 or so goals - just played too fast for their skill level. Criag Moore was lucky not to have given away a second half hand ball penalty. Lucky David Carney wasn't called for his offside position in Australia's second goal.

But most of all, luck to Kuwait who play Australia twice with an A-League strength team, while Oman were unlucky not to draw or beat the full strength side twice. Probably, there goes the Asia Cup and qualification for the optimal 2014 World Cup pathway for Oman, a team clearly better than Kuwait and possibly even the Socceroos.


Hamish said...

Luck or not, fantastic news. Wish I'd caught the game but there's just too much soccer on!

thetony said...

To be honest, I think Oman should have won last night.

They played very good football in the last 2 matches against Australia. I can't believe that they haven't got any point from the socceroos.

Anonymous said...

i`m loving it - games against challenging opposition ...

for competition points. imagine not getting those points. imagine not going to the asian cup.

not worrying tooooo much about the a-league socceroos ... they look nicer than last years a-league socceroos with players like sterjovski, culina, porter, collosimo and brosque to choose from.


orangecrush said...

The positive is that we seem to have a side that can get a result under pressure conditions - a la Germany and Italy?

I agree with Clayton. An A-league side COULD be vastly different to (and better than) the somewhat puzzling array put on the park against Indonesia and Kuwait.