Friday, November 27, 2009

Brisbane v WEllington 6pm Sunday Suncorp

Well this is it.

Brisbane are avoiding saying that they have given up this year because they know the consequences.

First - all your good players go somewhere else no point playing for the losers. Reddy has already done this with Sydney FC (Brisbane must act as he had a year to run - this club has always been too soft on disloyal players - players disloyal to their fans put fans off).

Second - you can't attract new players for the next year.

Third - you can't attract sponsors or sponsorship dollars fall.

Fourth - as a result of the first 3, your fan base vanishes. For a team that doesn't have enough fans to pay for its stadium - this is bad.

Fifth - the TV broadcaster loses interest. Actually this has already happened. Fox Sports have virtually ignored Brisbane this year. Either the ratings have collapsed here or someone at the club has offended them. Fox have shown a massive and dismissive dis-interest in Brisbane. The Courier Mail is on the same bandwagon.

Brisbane put all its effort into last weeks Melbourne game. This week there has been silence. expect a crowd of 6,000 to 7,000?

Is it too early to call the Queensland expansion a failure?

Compare the 100s of millions that AFL is putting into Western Sydney and the Gold Coast and you can see how short the FFA is.

So win Roar. You must. Can't see you getting another chance.

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