Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kevin Muscat

From Fox Sports:

'Victory skipper Kevin Muscat refused to shake hands with Brisbane rival Matt McKay after the match. “It's the first time I've ever refused to shake hands with a player after a game,'' said Muscat. “I won't go into details why, but he and I both know what he did. “I'm a great believer in what happens out there should stay out there.'' McKay refused to comment when told of Muscat's stunning outburst. '

I thought Muscat had an extremely inappropriate influence over ref Ben Williams last night. Some may think his behaviour was borderline cheating. It is interesting that - watching the replay - the Fox commentators had believed that Muscat had been carded at half time.

It would be interesting to know what McKay was supposed to have done. Given Muscat's behaviour, it would have be spectacular to be anything but deserved.

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