Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brisbane 1 v Sydney 0

A late goal from Moore heading across to Seri-goal Van Dijk saved this game.

I think Sydney were very lucky. Their defensive mid-field used the same studs-up neutraliser that got a Newcastle player sent off last week. That, that red card was turned over on appeal probably saved Sydney today from losing Gan and Byon on the field.

Still, referee Srebre Delovski and his assistant managed to miss a hand ball penalty for the Roar early on. Then again, this meant that Brisbane finished the game hard and looked like getting the winner from the 80th. Simon Colosimo, easily Sydney's best player, said after the match that Brisbane wanted to win more than Sydney and that was good to see.

The crowd was under 8,000. Pity the FFA know so little about developing the game. The club has one more early Sunday afternoon game to endure.


Hamish said...

I was bloody glad Brisbane came through but I also found the game very frustrating.

In the first half and half of the second my honest feeling was that Sydney outplayed us, especially in the front third. Maybe the amount of attacks was about equal but Brisbane's plan seemed to always end with "then a miracle occurs" and it didn't. Sydney's attacks, although they kept missing the goal, were actually coherent.

And the whole bloody game was sloppy. When I first got into soccer I think I was much more forgiving, but the more soccer I see the more I become painfully aware of the low standard usually displayed.

Also the officiating was terrible. Not biased particularly, just terrible. The crowd never forgave the ref for missing the blatant (Sydney) handball in the box very early in the game and by the end of the game you could see in the poor guy's face that he felt out of his depth. In the final 20 minutes I reckon some of his decisions (both ways) were arbitrary, based on instinct rather than observation and panic rather than professional reserve.

Now I'll be lambasted I suppose by those defending the League. I know it's getting better and I've heard over and over again about how far the game's come in Australia. That's all fine, but here's why I have every bloody right to call this particular spade a spade: $40 for a ticket.

Sorry FFA, you might have a fanatic by myself by the balls but for the family after some entertainment you just don't have a $40 product.

orangecrush said...

Roar had more of the general play but I suppose that's expected of the home team. Sydney had the clearer chances but fewer of them. If Bridge had been Smeltz it could have been a 3-1 to Sydney. I can't believe how often opposition strikers are left completely free near our penalty spot.

I am a big critic of Dodd, but he had his best game yesterday - I just wish he didn't look absolutely petrified every time he gets the ball ....

Franjic definitely gives us something extra out wide and is solid at the back. With Reinaldo, van Dyk, Miller and Enrique all on the park we look dangerous every time we break.

There will be real competition for places everyone returns. Packer to left back; McClogs to the centre; malcolm out!! Midfield riches - McKay, Tiatto, Zullo, Miller, Murdocca, Enrique and Nichol ...

Thanks for the seats John ... a different perspective.

john said...

Thanks Hamish, thanks .. Mr Orangecrush

I think playing in front of 8,000 in a 52,000 seater causes poor play - it ends up like a training match. The players get no adrenaline rush - needed to perform super stuff.

I agree it is a journey once you have seen good things you expect it all the time. However, it seems to me that it is the capability of the other team that allows or doesn't allow brilliance.

Sydney looked like they were missing Aloisi. Who would have thought that. Collosimo, the brother of the actor I think, might be the most intelligent in the A-League.

On TV you didn't here the criticism of the ref. About time they felt uncomfortable about coming up here and doing a crap job. BTW he is the guy that Mike and others think is the best in the A-League.

I agree with your player assessment Mr Orangecrush. Will Frank admit he got Malcolm wrong? What a waste of a foreign spot when there are Henriques out there. Poor old Dodd - he even nearly scored.

john said...