Monday, September 28, 2009

Mystery man

Mario Karlovic. I didn't even know we had a spot open (he is quoted in the Courier Mail saying he hopes he gets it after his 6 weeks injury cover).

Makes the whole Robbie Kruse thing a mystery. Why did Frank keep playing him and playing him and not giving Robbie a permanent spot? Kruse's game against Gold Coast - he came on fairly early - was his best ever.


orangecrush said...

No idea why we would need another midfielder? Even without Murdocca we have Enrique, Miller, Tiatto, Dodd(?),Zullo, Nichol, McKay (only a week or so away?), Sarota, Cernak.

I'd rather Frank save the money and put it towards the quality players needed to replace Miller, Moore and Tiatto at the end of the season.

Who should be our next marquee player?

Neil said...

Have to agree with you on the Kruse comment. Hopefully he can repeat the performance against his former team next week.

john said...

Like Miron, Frank seems to believe in the midfield Mr Orangecrush.

Thanks Neil, humm no doubt he'll breakthrough and score his first goal of the year (2 years?).

john said...

Other players whose careers have been said to be nearing there end include:

Malcolm (can't come soon enough)

Plus quite a few are off contract:
Zullo (says he is going to Europe - who knows now)

Could be a complete re-build next year. Nothing to fear if you have big dollars. Oh yes I forgot.

john said...

'Who should be our next marquee player?'

Frank said in the paper today that he didn't know what to do about crowd numbers. Well I think a marquee (a real one - sorry Craig) just may work in the Brisbane market. Even Dukes perhaps.

Brisbane is the last great untapped market for the A-League. Socceroos games have shown the potential.

You need to keep turning your marquee's over - keep it fresh and new for the market.

Ed said...

Orangecrush, "Dodd (?)"
Think you answered the question right there...

As for the crowds, I really think it is mostly a matter of the ridiculous playing times. Brisbane have had nearly all Sunday afternoon games.

john said...

Thanks Ed

There is more to poor crowd numbers than the Brisbane playing time - it is across the league (Brisbane had the biggest crowd this week!). It isn't helping though.

The AFL executive is laughing at the amateurishness of the FFA demand management.