Saturday, September 19, 2009

Central Coast 3 v Gold Coast 0: Gold Coast implode

The Gold Coast Blue Rinse Set were hardly in this match. They appear to be suffering from taking victories for granted. Although the real message is about their lack of tactical wisdom. CCM were not great, the Blue Rinses were poor.

At last Shane Smeltz's on-field behaviour was called and he received a deserved 2 yellow red. I wonder how long his interest will remain in the A-League.

Jason Culina has lost some of the spark - the clutch that allowed him to step up to the next level - he had at the beginning of the season. Without him at his best the team has looked ordinary.

Gold Coast's back four are very reliant on strong arm tactics and were often caught out by a CCM frontline that, until tonight, had looked predestrain.

As for goal keeper Jess Vanstrattan, he made Higgins look like the first choice option. It should lead to former Adelaide keeper Robert Bajic's promotion.


Ed said...

All I can say is HAh Hah hah Ah teh hee hee... giggle,giggle... Haw, Haw, Ho, ho, cackle... oh... I'm out of breath. 3-0 :)

Neil said...

Have the wheels come off the Gold Coast "juggernaut". One win in the last four matches which includes 2 losses. It's a nice time for the Victory to get them next week, especially without Smeltz in the lineup.