Friday, September 25, 2009

Brisbane 2 - Perth Glory 4

John has been sick. So he has asked me to update his blog.

There are two questions from this game:
1. how far were Perth prepared to go to win?
2. does Chris Beath have the skills to referee in the A-League.

Dad and I watched the replay on tv and it was pretty clear that the Roar, while making some bad defensive mistakes ( is Bob Malcolm good enough to play in the A-League), dominated the game. Surely Chris Coyne should have been sighted for crash talking Reddy (2006 world cup AUS V JAP anyone? ).


wayne said...

Tell your dad I said get well soon.

john said...

Thanks Uncle Wayne

Ed said...

Best wishes for speedy recovery for John, as for the game... "there's only one tommy willis" as we sang back in the day. Also sang some very rude things about referees which also still stand.

john said...

Thanks Uncle Ed.