Thursday, September 10, 2009

World of stone

He settled into the back seat of the cab. His blackberry flashed.

It seemed like it would be fun when he signed up. Lots of international travel. Helping Australia's most international of sports reach its destiny. And secure the type of TV rights deal he and the team had won for the AFL. And the World Cup. With the final, say Brazil v Italy, right at home in Melbourne. The G.

He sighs and slumps further into the seat.

That was before the FIFA guys told him about the 2018 and 2022 cups being 'the most competitive ever. "Ah hard ones to win eh? How is your local league going? Growing crowds? Have you guaranteed 10,000 car parks per ground?" '

And those guys from Asia. 'Wellington isn't part of Asia. Let them go. And what about relegation. And by the way, now you are in Asia your players are outside the foreign cap, and so cheap too eh? How much is your, what do you call it, salary cap? What's the name of that striker with 8 goals from 5 games - he is Australian now right?'

Blackberry flashes again. Do you want to see the pictures of the youngsters fighting the Chinese? Back page news the day before the A-League start.

And one of the A-League owners has withdrawn his accusation that the review panel is 'criminal'. Lucky he is propping up both the new clubs. And how did those guys get into the no. 12 bid? Let's get this window down.

Note to blackberry: The code needs to put more funding into two foundation clubs. 'It's the global financial conditions. "Why can't they get the grass roots right? Didn't they read the survey we sent them?"'

Blackberry again. 'Saw you on Sports FC. OK you were right we should have started later and finished our finals when the other codes were in early season. Could have been cannibalising them instead, and giving the potential Socceroos match practice in the lead up to SA.' OK OK.

Rounding the corner. Who'd have thought a blackberry could fly so far? And float for so long. Before flashing and winking into the depths.