Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gold Coast United

5,065 turned up in prime game time last Saturday night. Around 2,000 seemed to be supporting Melbourne. My guess is that most of the others are former Queensland Roar fans that used to travel to Suncorp.

Any ideas as to why the leading team has no fans?

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orangecrush said...

I exepect the clash with the Broncos' preliminary final contributed a little.

Football Federation Australia boss Ben Buckley said declining attendances in this season's expanded A-League competition was something he always expected...??
He doesn't say why though.

I think the constantly changing game times is a problem as well as the early starts. Should be some analysis done on best times for crowds at the different venues. Once determined then let clubs have the majority of home games at the same time so families can get in a routine.
For example we could try (with daylight saving kicking in):

NQ - Fri 6:30pm
Sydney - Fri 7:30pm (6:30pm est)

Wellington - Sat 3pm (4pm est)
Melbourne - Sat 5pm (4pm est)

Brisbane - Sat 6pm
GC - Sat 6pm

Adelaide - 7:30 (8pm est)
Perth - 6pm (8pm est)

CCM - Sun 6pm
Jets - Sun 6pm

To ensure TV times are not impacted you just need to set up the draw so that one of each pair is always at home. Having GC/Bris and Jets/CCM in the same time slot would also maximise potential for fans to go catch a 'local' game even when their team was playing away.

Sell some 5 game packs (yes I know these are despised by the season ticket holders) but something must tried to develop a 'habit' among the fringe supporters.

To attract Season ticket holders, they should be offered 20% discount to internationals, discount tickets to away games (e.g. Roar fans visiting Skilled Stadium), 25% off supporter gear etc - but all the above would require an integrated approach to building the game and its supporter base .... sadly not likely.