Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wither Adelaide and other stories - Beijing 2 v Newcastle Jets 0

My skepticism about Adelaide's owner holding out for $5m seems to have been on the money. Or no money. Fox Sports, who should be getting the exclusives from FFA, are reporting that FFA are ready to take over Adelaide United with 48 hours. The predictions are that it is likely to happen next week.

"Taking back the licence has been discussed," an FFA source said. "Time frame? These decisions might happen very quickly maybe within 24 or 48 hours, we're not too sure." Val Migliaccio March 09, 2009

Speculation continues that Vidmar will coach overseas and - much stronger speculation - that Cristiano wants out and that Adelaide have agreed. Well so much for their words to get their team through the preliminary final. The A-League seems to pay a high price for its overly long wait between a team qualifying for the ACL and their first game.

Newcastle had its first game last night right after coming last. What a difference a few short weeks makes. They were hardly recognisable as they same squad as either their 2008 qualifying team or even the team that came last. The amazing thing about this game was presence of 3 Griffith brothers - are there others? I doubt Newcastle will see Joel again as he is on loan until December - mid A-League then what? Wasn't he supposed to be Newcastle's marquee for next year? Stuff must really have happened down there. Adam is going to Gold Coast next year. Ryan thought about going to the Jets, but now he is happy with Beijing.

Still, the Jets went behind after just 7 minutes due to some really poor passing then defending from former Glory defender Nic Toper-Stanley. He had a bad match, he missed the tackle for the 2nd goal which was the last kick of the game, maybe it was the cold weather.

In between the Beijing goals, Newcastle played quite well, particularly in the 2nd half where they dominated. Much better were the games from the other new kids striker Doony De Groot (Holland), Sasho Petrovski (Central Coast), Ljubo Milicevic (sometime with Victory) and former Serie A striker Fabio Vignaroli. Didn't notice Angelo Costanzo but Newcastle are going to need him.

Oh and the new strip, quite nice. Same gold with one red arm and one black. Very medieval.

The FFA has acted to tie up the Grand Final loose ends by fining both teams for the melee's that came with the send offs - ie the ref being unduly influenced to send off Cristiano and Allsopp. Cristiano also got a fine for talking to the media about it after the match. Anyone for a fine for Pim saying our Archie is hopeless?

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